Observations about the act of collecting –

Origin of the word “collect”

Late Middle English: from Old French collector or medieval Latin collectare, from Latin collect- ‘gathered together’, from the verb
colligere, from col- ‘together’ + legere ‘choose or collect’. (reference Oxford Dictionary)
It has been observed that purposefully acquiring of a single individual item does not in itself qualify this item to be recognised as a collection, nor does the additional acquisition of another item which may be related to the first. HOWEVER, once a third related item is acquired, the condition of the gathering together of relatable items has been qualified. Thus, The Collection has commenced.

 Golden Fleece, not just a petrol company.

 Golden Fleece, (H.C. Sleigh Limited), is unique in its character. This purely and proudly Australian company undertook complex marketing and promotional activities whilst being at the forefront of the development of the oil industry and its related activities.

Most other oil companies had significant overseas influence. The Golden Fleece brand for many Australians evokes fond memories. The company’s presence was evident across most aspects of a the developing Australian lifestyle and economy – agriculture, defence, shipping, supplying motor spirit to the general public, supporting national and local events.

With Australia thriving on the “sheep’s back” during the fifties and sixties, Golden Fleece (H.C. Sleight Limited) as a company was actively marketing the merits of supporting Australian companies, resources and products – ie keeping it in the family.

 As a company they firmly supported the merits of family businesses.

Why was www.goldenfleece.net.au  established?

To date the collection has been a personal journey embarked upon to bring together as much quality content across the wide gambit that HC Sleigh Limited traded in under the brand name Golden Fleece.

The collection is so diverse  –  the web site was created to will allow a wide audience to view the collection.

It is envisaged that this site will trigger memories for those who worked for the firm either as employees or independent operators, those who benefited from being able to be served at a Golden Fleece service station and restaurant, those whose family farms benefited from the wide range of agricultural products which were distributed amongst others.

It is also envisaged that it be used a reference tool by those who know nothing about the development of this uniquely Australian brand, but who wish to acquire a understanding of how this one firm

• impacted on so many lives,
• contributed to the development of the Australian economy,
• developed strong unique marketing and promotional strategies,
• was at the leading edge of value added marketing,
• was at the cutting edge of corporate training strategies
• and still valued loyalty, family and the Australian ideal – perhaps the quintessential responsible corporate body! – doing good but also doing well.

This is a remarkable Australian story.

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